Artist Statement

My paintings are a response to the gratitude of living and life experiences. It stems from the desire to find truth and beauty in every aspect of life. Nature has been a major inspiration and synergy in connecting with my spiritual self. And I respond to that with a creation that is based on this exploration. In painting landscapes I have experienced that we don't transform nature, by our efforts, nature transforms us by our efforts. One is constantly trying to establish relationships with the organic rhythm in nature and seek to elevate entities out of their ordinariness, revealing their essence and majestic presence.

I paint in oils and begin the painting process with a wipe out technique, that starts to give form to my basic idea inspiration or concept. Without being committed right away and enabling the painting to take a life of its own. As I become more sure comes the more defined mark making, followed by lots of glazing to achieve luminosity. Style wise I combine my eastern background with my western training to create blend of both worlds. Also seek a blend of traditional with contemporary. My take off point is an abstract design concept but rendering is realistic. The landscapes are not area specific as I would like to create a world where one could easily connect with.

I have graduated in Graphic Design from the J J School Of Art in Mumbai India, and have also enjoyed the career of being a professional Bollywood singer with lots of CD'S. I moved to the USA in 2002 and resumed my interest in fine art, by training at the Gage Academy of art in the classical atelier. And also doing workshops with many illustrious artists like, Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Geoffrey Lawrence, Tony Rider. I have always been drawn to the art's, whether music or painting, I believe they are all fragments of one whole. I strive to create work of art that is visually stunning but also makes an emotional connection with the viewer. That creates a positive and uplifting experience.